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8 Best Self-Defense Keychains

Self-Defense Keychains

When an attacker appears suddenly and you need immediate protection, sometimes all you’ve got are your car keys. Trying to dig a knife or self-defense baton out of your pocket or purse can cost you too much time. Instead, have one of the self-defense keychains listed below ready to go in your hand. They are designed to be discreet and easy to use during an attack.

As a side note, be mindful of local laws before acquiring any weapon for self-defense. In other words, if your local laws ban the purchase of mace, you should not buy a mace keychain as described below. However, there are lots of other options available that should work for you.

1. Munio Self-Defense Kubaton Keychain

The Munio Self-Defense Keychain is an effective and practical alternative to stun guns and pepper spray. It provides a safe way to protect yourself without the risk of personal injury, making it safer around children. You can either strike with the pointed tip or swing your keys at an attacker. It’s a good way to protect yourself from an attack from behind and is ready for immediate use. The Munio Self-Defense Kubaton Keychain is strong, durable, and impact resistant. It’s small and lightweight, making it easy to handle. And it fits comfortably in your hand or easily in a pocket or purse.

2. SABRE Red Pepper Spray Keychain

The SABRE Pepper Spray Keychain is designed for maximum stopping power at a safe distance. It is easy to access in stressful situations, easy to use, and very effective. It’s simply a small canister of red pepper spray that fits in the palm of your hand. It offers a quick release key ring that provides immediate access, while also providing a reinforced trigger twist lock for safe storage when inside a purse, backpack, or pocket. When attacked, you quickly slide open the spray valve, point it at the attacker, and spray. This should give you enough time to run away or dig for some other weapon you have with you.

3. Yoogo Self-Defense Keychains

The Yoogo Self-Defense Keychain looks similar to a massage baller. When a person is attacked, they will instinctively begin to punch or jab at their attacker. The multipurpose Yoogo keychain makes these instinctive actions more effective. It is small and non-threatening in appearance, and can be kept on a keychain at all times. The Yoogo not only protects your hand on impact, but allows you the element of surprise. It’s incredibly strong and built to last.

4. SOG Key Knife Folding Knife

The SOG Key Knife Folding Knife has a very clever design. It is disguised to look like a key, so it blends in perfectly with the keys on your keychain. The blade is small, just 1.5 inches long, and very sharp, so be careful. The blade folds in and out very easily, making this a good option for protection against an attacker.

5. CJESLNA Self-Defense Weapon Keychain

The Cjeslna self-defense weapon has a pencil-like point for jabbing attackers. It can either be carried in a purse, backpack, or pocket, or can be added to a keychain. Measuring 5.5 inches in length, it has finger grooves that allow for a good grip. It is made of light, but incredibly strong aircraft aluminum, is easily handled, and can deliver a devastating blow to an attacker.

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Keychains for Self Defense

6. Kubaton Keyring Aluminum Blunt Force

The Kubaton Keyring Aluminum Blunt Force Keychain is a self-defense weapon for both men and women. It’s a thin metal bar with two thin metal spikes protruding out the side. The keychain is used by holding the bar in your hand with the spikes sticking out from both sides of your middle finger. If you don’t think your normal punch will do much damage to an assailant, the Kubaton Keyring Aluminum Blunt Force Keychain will be just what the doctor ordered.

7. Street Smart Spike Keychain

The Street Smart Spike Keychain is similar to the Kubaton Keyring Aluminum Blunt Force. It has to piercing spikes that will really do damage to an attacker. You simply put it between your knuckles and strike at the assailant. This is one of the more dangerous keychains for self-defense. Some self-defense keychains have multiple uses, but this one has one purpose and one purpose only, to inflict enough damage on an assailant so they’ll take off running.

8. Vipertek VTS Self-Defense Keychains

If stun guns are legal to use in your location, the Vipertek VTS Self-Defense Keychain is for you. The Viperterk VTS packs the power of a full-size stun gun into something so small you can keep it on your keychain. A strong jolt from the Vipertek VTS can give you enough time to escape a very bad situation. It comes with shock plates on the side of the unit that will prevent it from being snatched by the assailant. Should an attacker attempt to grab it from you, the shock plates will deliver a high voltage surprise.

Self-Defense Keychains are a Great Way to Protect Yourself

Finding yourself in a situation where any of these self-defense keychains are necessary is something nobody wants. But if you are attacked, it’s best to be prepared to fight back. Your first line of defense is a good, well-made self-defense keychain.

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