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Building a Mini Survival Kit with All the Essentials

Mini Survival Kit

With some things, bigger may be better. But with a survival kit, bug out bag, or 72 hour kit, that isn’t always the case. The ultimate survival kit may contain lots of useful survival supplies, but larger usually means heavier. Depending on your individual situation, a mini survival kit may be just what you need.

Big backpacks are great during emergencies where you’re not forced to evacuate your home. In an earthquake, hurricane, or other natural disaster where you can remain at home, bigger is probably better. However, if you’re forced to leave your home on foot, even for just a few days, a mini survival kit may help you survive. << Check Prices at Amazon

A Mini Survival Kit to the Rescue

Having a small survival kit that can fit in a large pocket or purse can contain more survival gear than you can probably imagine. And when that emergency finally happens, you’ll be glad you have it packed and ready to go. The container can be any small plastic case, but the one that survivalists use most often is an Altoids tin. They’re inexpensive, sturdy, and can fit in your pocket.

Your mini survival kit isn’t supposed to be all-inclusive, and won’t hold everything that a larger survival backpack will. But you can certainly fill it with many essential survival items. There are scores of items that you could put inside, but you’ll need to decide which items are most important to you according to your personal situation.

1. Small Knife

Packing a large bowie knife or full tang survival knife in a full size survival bag is a great idea. But it’s out of the question in a mini container. However, a small foldable knife is an essential piece of survival gear, so including one is important. Having the ability to start fires is great, but where will you get kindling if you can’t produce it with a knife? A good knife has many uses in a survival situation, and you definitely want to add one to your mini survival kit.

2. Waterproof matches

You don’t need a full case of waterproof matches; just a few can come in handy. Be sure that the matches you pack will be easy to light, burn up to 15 seconds, and will relight even after they become wet. They are typically called stormproof matches and have a coating of wax that makes them waterproof. Striking the match removes the wax.

It’s easy to make your own waterproof matches. Simply dip the end into some wax. Be aware that waterproof matches are just one part of the equation. You’ll also want your matches to be windproof and continue to burn for around 15 seconds. So be careful when selecting your waterproof matches.

3. Water purification tablets

Experts recommend one gallon of water per person per day in a survival situation. Obviously, you won’t be able to add water to your mini survival kit. But you need water to survive, so what’s the solution? Water purification tablets will allow you to produce clean drinking water as long as you can find a water source. You’ll also need a container of some sort to put the water in, and a couple of tiny trash liners will suffice.

4. Cash

If you’ve got a large survival pack with all the food, water, and survival tools you can imagine, cash might not be as vital. But if you’re forced to leave your home in an emergency, and all you’ve got is an Altoids tin, cash may be the most important thing you can take with you. Having the ability to buy needed survival essentials from stores or other survivalists can be a lifesaver.

5. Personal Identification

Having personal identification, usually in the form of a drivers license, is always a good idea. It’s also smart to include a medical identification card. Its main purpose is to give emergency personnel, like EMTs, your basic medical information in case of an emergency. It can prove very valuable if you should become unconscious.

6. Mini Toothbrush and Toothpaste

You’d be surprised by how much a little personal hygiene can boost morale in a bad situation. A mini toothbrush with a cap, along with a travel-size tube of toothpaste, can help restore sanity in a survival situation. A small amount of floss is another item that could be added to your survival kit.

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Survival Mini Kit

7. Paper and Pencil

There are many instances where a small pencil and piece of paper can come in handy. Leaving a note to tell someone where you’ve gone is just one example. Keeping track of your experiences so that you can talk about them once the emergency has ended is another instance.

8. Bandages and Gauze Strips

Basic medical supplies, like bandages and gauze strips, can be helpful in many situations. It’s nice to be able to stop bleeding if you’ve been cut. Keeping an alcohol wipe in a small Ziploc sandwich bag, and a couple of cotton swabs can also come in handy. A needle and sewing thread can stitch up a wound. I admit that giving yourself stitches doesn’t sound like a good time, but it sure beats bleeding to death.

9. Mini LED Flashlight

A large tactical flashlight won’t fit into such a small container, but a mini LED flashlight will. You can actually buy a 15-pack of mini LED flashlight keychains for less than $10. You can also find button lamp adhesive LED lights that come with a powerful adhesive, making them easy to stick anywhere.

10. Miscellaneous Supplies

Safety pins, paper clips, and a small rolled up piece of duct tape are all items that have many uses. ChapStick may not be a lifesaver, but dry, cracked, painful lips can make survival worse than it needs to be. If you’re in a wilderness environment where fishing for food is possible, fishing line, hooks, and sinkers may help you survive.

A small mirror is another piece of survival gear that can really be useful in some situations. If you get lost, you can use it as a reflector to help people find you. And being able to see yourself in a mirror, to make sure you don’t have any embarrassing marks on your face or food in your teeth can relieve some stress as well. The mirror can be glued to the inside top of the Altoids tin and won’t take up much space at all. Other useful items that will easily fit into a mini survival kit are rubber bands and a razor blade.

A Mini Emergency Kit is Vital in a Survival Situation

Another type of survival pack is the military survival kit. It is also very small and easy to grab at a moment’s notice. It’s a little larger than what we’ve been talking about, but the entire military emergency kit can be purchased very inexpensively. They typically contain first aid supplies along with several essential survival tools. << Check Prices at Amazon.

A mini survival kit may not include everything you’d want in a bad situation, but it can make your life a lot easier. If you were to find yourself in a stressful situation, the last thing you would want to happen is for your mini kit to accidentally pop open and spill out its contents. A large rubber band double-wrapped around the container can help keep it from falling open.

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