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Top 5 Military Survival Kits

Military Survival Kits

If we’re going to be honest, we should all agree that a zombie apocalypse is about as likely as seeing Elvis Presley shopping for a new guitar at Walmart. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be an apocalypse of another kind. With anti USA countries building up their nuclear arsenals as fast as possible, there’s no telling what might happen in the near future. If you plan on surviving nuclear fallout from an attack, you’ll stand a better chance if you’re fully prepared. And exactly how do you prepare? Your first order of business is to purchase one of the top military survival kits.

These mini bug out bags may not be exactly what soldiers in the armed forces will have at their disposal, but their contents will be darn close to what you’ll find in a military-style apocalypse survival kit. If you take your survival seriously, the following kits will be the next best thing to owning a real tactical military survival kit. You never know where you’ll be when disaster strikes, so having an emergency pack in your car, office, and home is the best way to be prepared.

1. Everlit 250 Piece Military Style Kit

The Everlit Military Survival Kit contains essential medical supplies as well as survival gear that will serve you well in any emergency. 241 pieces are first aid supplies, which exceed OSHA guidelines for a single family. Additionally, the pack includes 9 must-have survival gear items. These items include a tactical knife, fire starter, poncho, multi-purpose tool, paracord bracelet, compass, saber card, glow sticks, and high lumen tactical flashlight. It also has Molle compatibility, which means it’s easy to attach extra survival tools and gear to the bag.

The kit is compact and lightweight, coming in at just under 2 pounds. Its overall dimensions are 8.5 inches tall, 6 inches wide, and 4.5 inches deep. Its size makes it easy to store in a car, office desk, or home closet. It has a two-way zipper opening and was designed to last under any environment.

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250-Piece Everlit Survival Kit

2. Kosin Emergency Survival Kit

In the way of first aid, the Kosin Emergency Kit contains some band-aids and gauze, but not a lot more. Where it excels is in survival tools and gear. In this kit you’ll find a cold steel tactical survival knife, compass, thermal blanket, flint stone, scraper, credit card knife, bottle buckle, wire saw for cutting wood, whistle, paracord bracelet, mini light, tactical pen, and flashlight with three modes to name a few items.

As with the other recommended emergency kits, this is small in size and weighs in at just 1.4 pounds. It’s easily carried in a survival backpack, car glove box, or pocket. It also comes with a Ranger Band for attaching to your belt or backpack. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or find yourself in an emergency situation, this includes some necessary gear.

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Kosin Emergency Survival Kit

3. Chareada 36 in 1 Survival Gear Tool Kit

The Chareada Survival Gear Tool Kit contains a 14-in-1 medical kit and 16 survival tools. Additionally, it contains a 6-piece fishing tool set, making it possible to find food in a wilderness survival situation. Included are a tactical folding knife, flashlight, fire starter, paracord bracelet, bottle buckle, tactical pen, wire saw, emergency blanket, compass, pliers, and emergency whistle.

It weighs 2 pounds and is mini-sized, so it’s comparable with other tactical military survival kits. It’s made from high quality material for durability and is waterproof. This is a great choice if you’re in the market for a quality military survival gear kit.

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Chareada 36-in-1 Survival Gear Tool Kit

4. Veitorld Military Style Survival Kit

Most of the military style mini survival bags have similar tools, and the Veitorld Kit is no different. Whether you’re hiking, camping, fishing, backpacking, or surviving an emergency situation, this compilation of tools is just what you’re looking for. It includes a survival knife, wire saw, emergency blanket, survival bracelet, water bottle clip, flashlight, flint stone and scraper, pocket bellow, tactical pen, and multi-use spoon/fork, all contained in a waterproof case.

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Veitorid Military Style Survival Kit

5. Everlit 80-in-1 Outdoor Gear Emergency Kit

The Everlit Every Day Carry kit (EDC kit) is a high quality bag that includes emergency survival tools as well as first aid supplies. It contains the most popular survival supplies including a pocket knife, flint, 3-mode flashlight, tactical pen, luminous compass, saber card, 10 feet of paracord, whistle, pliers, bandages and other first aid items, and a thermal blanket. In addition, it has a Molle mobile phone pouch which can optionally be used to hold additional survival tools.

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Everlit 80-in-1 Outdoor Gear Emergency Kit

All of the above-listed military survival kits are priced at under $40. This makes them an inexpensive and an easy way to stockpile the necessary items you’ll need in a survival situation. These mini military bug out bags will prepare you for most emergencies. Having a small military survival gear kit that can be grabbed at a moment’s notice can increase your odds of surviving an “apocalypse” dramatically. Those that are prepared have the best chance at survival. One last note. Instead of buying a pre-made kit, you can also build your own mini survival kit to include only the things you need for your personal situation.

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Military Emergency Kits for Survival

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